Data Summary

Bluff Crest shapefile for the Pennsylvania Lake Erie shoreline 2015

2021 - The Pennsylvania State University

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The goal of this project is to apply the latest in remote sensing technology to map the Lake Erie shoreline in Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania has 77 miles of Lake Erie shoreline contanined entirely within Erie County. Most of the shoreline consists of bluff geomorphologies ranging in height from 5 to 180 feet above the lake level. A bluff is a high bank or bold headland with a broad precipitous cliff face overlooking a lake or sea. Notable exceptions include the mouths of major tributaries and Presque Isle, adjacent to the City of Erie. Nearly all of the shoreline is designated as Bluff Recession Hazard Areas (BRHA) under the framework established in the Bluff Recession and Setback Act (the Act) and companion regulations in Pa. Code Title 25, Chapter 85. Municipalities having BRHAs designated within their jurisdictions are required to enact specific setback ordinances relating to construction and development activities occurring within the BRHAs.The bluff crest is the edge of the bluff.