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PAMAP Program - LiDAR Breaklines

2006 - 2008 - DCNR PAMAP Program

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This dataset, produced by the PAMAP Program, consists of topographic contours mapped at an interval of 2 feet. Contours were derived from a bare-earth digital elevation model constructed from PAMAP LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) elevation points. PAMAP data are organized into blocks, which do not have gaps or overlaps, that represent 10,000 feet by 10,000 feet on the ground. The coordinate system for blocks in the northern half of the state is Pennsylvania State Plane North (datum:NAD83, units: feet); blocks in the southern half of the state are in Pennsylvania State Plane South. A block name is formed by concatenating the first four digits of the State Plane northing and easting defining the block's northwest corner, the State identifier "PA", and the State Plane zone designator "N" or "S" (e.g. 45001210PAS).